Those Who Wish Me Dead by Michael Kortya

Maybe it’s just me but I found this book sophomoric. There is almost no character development and there are a number of inconsistencies and descriptions that make no sense or lead the reader to incorrect conclusions – and not in the twist in the plot sense.

A 14 year old witnesses two hit men murder some people and throw them into a quarry in Indiana. Fast forward – a man and his wife who run an Outward Bound type of Wilderness school in Colorado are approached by a law enforcement Fed to hide the boy until the trial.

Quickly fast forward, a group of boys arrive; the wife is attacked and severely injured while the group is out, by the hit men. They burn down the house but miraculously the wife survives.

Suffice to say, these kinds of unbelievable events continue to happen. Characters are introduced and quickly drop out of the story without being developed. The wife, although severely burned and injured gets up out of her hospital bed to assist the boy and a mentally tormented storm jumper who managed to get her whole platoon burned.

I just don’t enjoy books where characters are underdeveloped and which are largely plot driven. That is where this book falls for me. Too many strange and wild jumps in logic and believability. And the hitmen? Ultimately identified as Australian by someone who has obviously no understanding of the accent.

There are other things of this nature but I leave it to you to decide if this is something you want to pick up.


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