The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

This book was a whole lot of fun and I have a very soft spot for it for the following reasons: the author is a fellow Monash University Alumni, it is set in Melbourne Victoria with a side trip to Moree New South Wales (a place in the outback that is remote but amazing) and the main character is autistic without that being a negative.

Don Tillman is a professor at a university in Melbourne. From the character development, it is obvious to the reader that he is some OCD and autistic tendencies and while that definitely has an impact on the things that happen to him and the way he behaves, he does not let that define him.

Into his life stumbles Rosie. A research assistant at the same university she is on a personal quest to discover who her father is. She meets Don because his best friend has shown Rosie Don’s questionnaire which he developed in an effort to find a wife or partner.

Rosie and Don don’t immediately hit it off as romantic companions but there are definitely some hints that it could go in that direction but that will depend on Don’s ability to be flexible which is difficult due to his OCD and autism.

They do find common ground however in Rosie’s quest. Don agrees to help her find and genetically test the candidates who Rosie believes may be her father. It is a wonderful quest that takes the two of them on a journey – both to find Rosie’s paternity and to find each other.

I was excited to discover that there is at least another book in the series and I am very much looking forward to reading it. I think readers will enjoy this book and it’s a great one for book clubs too!


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