Raylan by Elmore Leonard

I have to admit from the outset that I have not yet seen the TV show Justified although it is on my “to watch” list. So when this book popped up on a buy list, I was excited to try before I buy. I am now a converted buyer/watcher.

I love the characters in Raylan – all of the characters. They are vividly written with distinct voices and placed squarely in Harlan County, Kentucky. This is one of those books where the author authentically captures the cadences of a place and is able to convert those to the page.

The book is like an interlinking set of short stories with referrals and links to each other throughout the book. You won’t be disappointed if you read one story or read them all but I suggest reading them all. This is also a book you can pick up and put down but I admit I found it very hard to put down and read it pretty much straight through.

I have read several Elmore Leonard books so I am already a fan but Raylan did not disappoint. Read this and then get everything else this author has written. I guarantee you will be entertained.

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