Catch Me If You Can by Frank W. Abagnale

I had seen the movie Catch Me If You Can many years ago and when I saw the book, I thought why not? It was a great pick up. This is the thoroughly entertaining true story of Frank Abagnale who, in the 1960’s, duped luxury airlines, hotels and banks into cashing forged checks.

He began by impersonating an airline pilot. While never actually flying the planes, he used them as a means to traverse the country and eventually the world. He pretended to be a pilot in transit or turnaround thereby avoiding the need to do any piloting. He used the opportunity to cash bad checks, commit petty larceny and forge and embezzle funds to afford the lifestyle to which he was becoming accustomed.

While there is absolutely no disputing the wrongness of every action he took and every crime he committed, there is no doubt the stories are entertaining and his telling of them is done in the style of the best raconteurs.

Even his prison stays are made to sound like romantic and exciting interludes and in the hands of the wrong person, this book could be more Robin Hood and less what it really is: extraordinarily bold identity theft.

A great, short four star read. This book is perfect for a quick read, a vacation book or even a three or four hour airline flight. In the spirit of Mad Men and Magic City, it will remind you of the golden days of luxury travel that were the 1960’s.

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