The Burning Wire by Jeffery Deaver

Once again I was gifted with a book that is part of a series. This time it is the series about Lincoln Rhyme, a forensic crime scene investigator who is also a quadriplegic confined to a wheelchair. He has free movement of his head and part of his right hand at this point in the series.

An unknown perpetrator who has expertise with live electrical equipment has created a giant arc flash using high voltage lines that has killed one person. The New York forensic team led by Lincoln Rhyme is brought in to help catch the mad man.

A second story arc involves a character named The Watchmaker who it seems was already developed in a previous Rhyme novel. In this part of the story, Rhyme is acting as an advisor to police in Mexico City who believe the Watchmaker is working in tandem with corrupt politicians and police as well as drug cartels.

As the book progresses, the perpetrator continues with an increasingly more gruesome series of murders that have the team running all over New York trying to catch him. A corporate utility company believes they are targets because they are trying to create a monopoly on the grid.

Alternative energy inventors and groups believe they may be the target because they are trying to create energy sources that offer lower prices or potentially free energy. The city is in the grip of fear….

This was a pretty action packed novel and kept moving. It is an action packed vacation read or when readers need a break from reading more literary novels. A good potboiler with current eco interests.


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