Hidden Killers by Lynda LaPlante


This is the second book in the Jane Tennison thriller series. As you may know, Jane Tennison is the main character in the Prime Suspect series and was played brilliantly by Helen Mirren in the series.
The Tennison thriller series is focused on her early career in the Metropolitan police in London.

This time, Tennison has been transferred to Bow Street from Hackney after a successful undercover operation in which Tennison, dressed as a prostitute, helped catch a potential rapist.

She has now graduated from a probationary constable to a detective and is still dealing with the fallout from her first detective opportunities at Hackney where her boss Bradfield and a female colleague and mentor who were both killed while trying to bust and armed robbery in progress.

I am not going to say much about the story because LaPlante does a brilliant job of unfolding the crimes, the investigation and the solve. What she does equally as well, if not better, is to create interesting characters – both main and peripheral.

Each character, from Tennison’s family, to each detective to the criminals and supporting actors are all written so well that you feel like you know them intimately. This makes you invested in the story. I loved Prime Suspect and Helen Mirren brought Tennison to life so well, that it is hard to imagine anyone else playing her if they decide to bring this to the screen.

Let’s hope they do and let’s hope there are many more Tennison thrillers on the horizon so we can enjoy reading great stories about her long and illustrious career.


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