Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

My second favorite anti-war novel after Johnny Got His Gun. This novel is about so many themes but primarily, at its base, it is about war and the negative effects of war on the people who participate in the military, the people who are affected on the ground, the people who are left behind and even the post war generation as Billy Pilgrim’s son finds his way to Vietnam.

Vonnegut is such a great story teller because, while he imparts this really heavy information – a great example being the animal cruelty as they use the hurt and starving horses to go plundering the empty houses of the victims of Dresden- he is able to tell it in a way that has a light touch without losing the importance of the message.

This book has been around for a long time and I won’t rehash it. I just recommend for those that haven’t read it to pick it up and spend some time with it. For high school students, grab the study guide and really understand what you’re reading, and for those that have already read it, read it again.

Let’s raise a glass to the departed Vonnegut and say ‘So it goes.”

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