The Creeper by Tania Carver

I had acquired this book through good old Bookbub and had just finished a couple of good books so I felt like I needed something decent to follow up with. I was not disappointed at all! This is a thriller set in England and there are a lot of twists and turns.

A woman is trying to sleep in her flat. Feeling paralyzed she thinks she senses someone in her room touching her. At first you are wondering, is she crazy? Is this a dream? What is going on?
No, she is not crazy. Yes, there was someone creeping around her room and doing creepy things. And no, this is not horror (although it is horrible). What unfolds is an unusually complex story considering it is also a police procedural.

Several women have disappeared or been killed. They are all connected by friendships and/or jobs. They all have some people in common. But there are enough dissimilarities that make you wonder, is this all connected or not? In addition to these factors, you have a police force with complex personalities and screwed up personal relationships that have an effect on the case.

To top off the above, there is not one killer, not two killers but three. All are operating together with individual motives for their participation that do not relate to each other. This makes this book one twisting and turning novel.

I thought I was getting into your standard police procedural and ended up knee deep in a book I could not put down. This was a wonderful surprise. I am not sharing any more than what I have already. I don’t want to give one more hint than what I have already.

This is a thriller and mystery for those who enjoy the unpredictable.


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