Skink No Surrender by Carl Hiassen

This book is a young adult novel by the same author who writes witty, humorous mysteries set in Florida starring former police officer Andrew Yancy. Hiassen’s novels are just fun, good time reads. This YA novel holds up to the adult novels without sacrificing the humor or the edge that make the adult novels good reads.

Richard and his cousin Malley like to get to get up to mischief, and like most teenagers, Malley likes to sneak off and not tell her parents what’s going on. She does however make sure that her cousin Richard has at least some idea of what she is doing.

Richard is fortunate to meet an old beachcomber named Skink. He is a former governor of Florida with a lot of idiosyncrasies and great contacts in law enforcement and with people all over the state.
Malley runs off with a guy she met on the internet and it isn’t long before Richard figures out that Malley is in real trouble. He and Skink set off on a crazy pursuit with the blessing of Richard’s parents and the help of Skink’s contacts to find Malley.

From there, it’s just a wild ride through Florida. Up and down highways and beaches, in and out of rivers, Skink and Richard pursue Malley and the man she left with. Along the way, Skink provides Richard with a few life lessons and shows both Malley and Richard what a wild survivor looks like.

The story is not long, being a YA novel and it’s very entertaining. This is one that is ok for adult readers and one which younger readers will really enjoy and can be an introduction to Hiassen’s more adult work depending on the maturity level and reading abilities of a young reader.

A fun entertaining beach read for young and old alike.


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