Bad Monkey by Carl Hiassen

So my Hiassen hook up (thank you Randi!!!!) said I could borrow her new book and even read it before her. Now that is what I call a good friend! I returned to the lovable rogue, Andrew Yancy who is soon to be kicked out of the Monroe County Sheriff’s office for shoving a car vacuum …..well, you’ll have to read about that.

A very suspicious boating accident has resulted in a lone arm, middle finger extended, washing up in Key West. The sheriff wants Miami to handle it and dispatches Yancy, arm in tow, to take it to the ME up there.

Meanwhile, Yancy is trying to deal with development gone crazy in his quiet little corner of the world. All he wants is his miniature deer to graze peacefully and watch the sunset. But Andrew Yancy is a creative man and he does his best to foil said development.

His love life is complicated. He has a fugitive sex offender from Oklahoma with her hot pants and his burgeoning interest in the medical examiner from Miami. He is also investigating the arm on his own (off the clock) and getting mixed up in a complex plot that has a lot of moving pieces.

Over the course of the book, he will work with corrupt cops, the Russian mafia and Bahamian crims to get this mystery solved. He will survive a hurricane, dog bites, fires, bees and voodoo.

The best character so far though is the bad monkey aka Driggs. He pops up repeatedly in the book and has his own complicated relationships with his Bahamian brethren as well as visitors to his home in the Caribbean. Driggs’ was famous for acting with Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean but he was also famous for getting kicked off the movie for bad behavior.

This book is hilarious and another great beach read. I have found these Hiassen books are just the ticket to cleanse my palate after reading heavy books or books I just wasn’t that into. These are so well written that I get involved, finish them smiling and am ready to delve back into weightier tomes.

Bad Monkey is fun and funny. Highly recommend. You’ll love it!


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