Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo

As you can see, I wasted no time returning to Harry Hole, the messed up Norwegian detective with demons aplenty. After his professionally successful but personally disastrous case in Sydney, Australia, Harry is shipped off to Bangkok in Thailand to solve yet another expat murder case.

This case involves all the seediest aspects of Thailand – sex trafficking, prostitution, blackmail, embassy officials using their diplomatic statuses to get involved in all manner of evil deeds.
This time, Harry is in not much better shape than those he is hunting. He wanders through the go go bars, the massage parlors and the beach communities of Thailand following leads from several different angles.

There is more than just an ex-pat murder in this case though. There are political and business implications that climb into the highest levels of the Norwegian government and Harry is being used as a convenient pawn. But Harry never plays the game according to others rules so there are always a lot of twists in what happens.

This book is also going to take Harry to a very dark place that appears to continue to the next book as he gets wound up in spending time in the opium dens of Bangkok. This is what I love about Harry – he is a disaster.

I know one of the later books is being made into a movie but I think to really appreciate Harry Hole, you need to start at the beginning and participate in his evolution or devolution as the case may be.
I have not been disappointed by this series yet. Oh and the cockroaches? Well, for every one you see, there are hundreds or thousands behind the walls that you don’t…..


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