The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

I recently read and reviewed The Cuckoos Calling and really enjoyed the lead character Cormoran Strike. I was looking forward to getting the next book and lo and behold, someone gave it to me after reading the blog. Ahhhhhhh, book lovers.

Just like the first book, it started a little slow but quite suddenly I was involved and had a difficult time putting it down. This time, Cormoran has actually moved into an apartment above his office but is living as austerely as ever. His business has taken an upturn due to his first case and he is considering getting another detective.

Robin, his girl Friday is back. Her boyfriend is less than enthused about her staying on as a permanent and is also very pissy about Cormoran because he has failed to meet Matthew and Robin for dinner on multiple occasions.

Robin grows more in this book. She is given greater investigative responsibilities and is able to earn Strike’s trust and admiration by showing off some of her skill set that Strike does not realize she has. Her story is also fleshed out a bit more.

This time, the crime is gruesome. A writer is murdered by being disemboweled and having acid poured on him. There are plenty of candidates who may have done the deed as the writer in question was both obnoxious and had written a book that skewered almost everyone he knew in a scathing way.

Just like the last book, the twists and turns are not broadcast and just when you think you have it solved, you don’t. Now I am bummed because Rowling aka Galbraith is busy publicizing the new Harry Potter novel and that will take her away from writing the next Strike novel.
I believe Galbraith/Rowling is a more complex Agatha Christie. The characters are well drawn and appeal to both male and female readers. Great book!!


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