Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham

Like most people, I have read a lot of Grisham. There were a few things I really enjoyed about this book that made it just a bit different than many of his other books. Sebastian Rudd is a street lawyer in an unnamed city in the South. I assumed it was either Memphis or Mississippi like most of the other books but that is never made clear. It works well because it erases preconceived notions of the south and makes the reader think urban rather than rural.

There are many strands within the story that slowly combine to become one story. At first, I thought the book was going to be a series of novellas about different characters but as the book wore on, things began to come together.

This lawyer is not your average guy. His main piece of furniture in his loft is a pool table. He drives around in an armor plated van as an office. He has a financial interest in backing and betting on cage fighters. He represents mobsters, murderers and other villains. His bodyguard/driver is named Partner.

He has a complicated relationship with his ex-wife, her lover and his young son. You aren’t quite sure how the kid got here considering the wife but she too is a lawyer and is constantly dragging Rudd to court on custody issues.

Grisham is great reading for relaxation. When I need a book that will be an easy read but a reliably good plot with interesting characters, Grisham is right there. This is an airport novel/beach novel/vacation novel. And just a little bit different than your average Grisham. I hope to meet Sebastian Rudd again.


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