Razor Girl by Carl Hiaasen

This is my first Hiaasen novel and came at a time when I needed something to read while I rested quietly. This admirably filled the bill. If you’re looking for a fun, relaxing read then this author will be the perfect fit.

Set in the Florida Keys, a reality television personality from a show called Bayou Brethren (think Duck Dynasty here) makes an ass of himself at a personal appearance and disappears. The reason is because his minder failed to show up.

His minder/agent, has been kidnapped in a case of mistaken identity during a bump and run which is a famous Florida method of robbery. The bumper is a wily redhead named Merry Mansfield who figures in all the action. She is one of the great sassy characters in books. I thoroughly enjoyed her because she is a take charge woman.

Andrew Yancy is an ex-policeman, sometime private eye and current Health Inspector who becomes wrapped up in the case. Sometimes it is by accident and sometimes it is by design. Andrew is one of those smart aleck guys who populate detective fiction.

What follows is adventure and comedy throughout the Florida Keys with a minor detour in Cuba. There are Mafioso, a lawyer who is representing class action applicants in a Viagra/deodorant lawsuit and a missing engagement ring.

I also have to admit, even though I know this is fiction, it made me nervous about eating in the Florida Keys and apparently there are some scary giant rats down there too.

In these turbulent days we are in, we need a distraction and this book (and by extension others by this author) are a great distraction. Sometimes you just need to run away in a book. So why not the end of the southeastern United States?


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