Revival by Stephen King

I am a recent King convert. Better late to the party than never arriving at all. So it happened that I bought this book twice, once in hardback and once in soft. Since there were enough books to go around the house, I dug in.

Set in Maine and Colorado, our main character is Jaimie Morton. We meet him as a six year old when his family is responsible for helping to hire the new Methodist preacher for their small church in rural Maine.

Charles Daniel Jacobs arrives with his young family and is a hit with the church. A terrible event occurs which forces the congregation to dismiss the preacher. But he and Jaimie will meet several times throughout the course of the book because as Jaimie says, Jacobs is his fifth business.

Jaimie is a session musician with issues so music plays an important role in the story. Electricity also plays an important role. And although the book is called Revival, religion is not as important although it raises its head in very interesting ways.

This might be called Frankenstein: A Modern Prometheus Part II. That is all I am going to say about that. As has been the case with the other King novels I have read so far, the dialogue is excellent, the characters well defined and the story keeps you reading to the end.

I was mildly dissatisfied with the ending but only the last few pages. It was a really great read as evidenced by the fact that I was anxious to return to it as soon as possible whenever I had to put it down. I will be back for more King and am almost ready to take on what many consider his magnum opus, The Stand. Looking forward to it.


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