Friday the Rabbi Slept Late by Harry Kemelman

Are you jonesing for Mad Men? Well, this quirky little mystery book will satisfy your need to be thrown back into early 1960’s American culture. This is one book in a series of Rabbi mysteries so fret not – you can find more of them.

Rabbi David Small is an unconventional, shabby scholar who has been hired as the religious leader of a small but growing Jewish enclave. The congregation leaders are mostly well to do businessman and up and comers whose use for the synagogue is more networking with each other than god.

A murder occurs near the Temple and all manner of individuals associated with the Temple, including Rabbi Small, are under suspicion. The Rabbi has a unique take on life, frequently turning to texts and religious works to find answers to moral and legal problems facing his flock.

Think a combination of Columbo and Quincy and you have Rabbi Small. Inevitably, problem solved. Easy reading and something just a little different than your average mystery story. It’s not mind bending stuff here, just entertaining.


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