Silken Prey by John Sandford

Silken Prey was a very entertaining read. Set in Minnesota (the Twin Cities) it is a political thriller with a very fascinating side story involving theft. At its heart though, it is all about dirty politics. Unfortunately, it is a representation that is probably accurate because to some extent, the bad guys get away with some things.

The main character is Lucas Davenport. He wasn’t my favorite character because frankly, he was just a little too good to be true. Although he is a state police investigator, he doesn’t do it for the money because he is an independent billionaire married to a plastic surgeon named Weather.

Yes, I hear you laughing. He also drives sports cars and has an expensive wardrobe and an extensive list of under the radar contacts. But ignore Lucas Davenport, because the real pleasure of the story is the story itself.

Surprisingly, most of the other characters are great. I don’t know why the main character is so crazy. Nevertheless, the series is worth picking up. One thing I love is when someone native to a city or state writes about it. Sandford brings Minneapolis/St. Paul to life and that is a treat in itself. The city comes to life as only an insider can show their city.

Apparently, this author has been recommended by Stephen King. It’s always interesting to read what other authors recommend. This was no exception. I enjoyed the book and would (and have) given it to others to read.


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