The St. Paul Conspiracy by Roger Stelljes

I would classify this as a good middle of the road police procedural/mystery genre. It is book one in the Mac McRyan series. He is an Irish cop in St. Paul Minnesota who spends most of his off hours in his families Irish cop bar. There are a lot of Irish cop clichés.

But, the mystery is still pretty good. There is a corporate cover up that is going to be exposed. The corporate players use a serial killer currently at work in the city to hide murders they are committing as part of the cover up.

The serial killer gets pursued and caught. Because he was meticulous in his death count, there are murder victims unaccounted for. The capture of the murderer means the corporate villains have to step up the eliminations in order to continue to hide what they have been up to and their nefarious activities.

The cat and mouse game takes up the second half of the book and it is good. Lots of twists and turns but also lots of clichés. This doesn’t make it a bad book at all. A little predictable but still pretty fun to read. This is book one in a series but I don’t feel that you need to roll on with this series as it seems like each book will probably work as a stand alone.

It’s a crime procedural. An easy read.


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