Preacher by Ted Thackrey Jr.


I loved this book. It has a timeless western feel but is set in the modern day in New Mexico. Preacher is a seminarian who dropped the priesthood after Vietnam, fled to the mountains and then became a professional poker player. There is so much more to all that but….read the book. You won’t be disappointed.

The book starts out strong and never flags for one minute. It is one of those books you desperately want to get back to reading. The opening scene is a poker game and it introduces almost every major character that will play a role in the book.

The story is great fun. There is action. There is a horrible Deputy Sheriff. There is humor. Black humor. There is a love interest that is not overly gooey. In fact, it’s not gooey at all and the female characters are as strongly written as the male characters. Preacher is someone you want to read more about and I have to say, I was devastated when I read that the author had passed away.

Without giving too much away, the story is about a small town and the cover ups perpetrated by the wealthy movers and shakers. Preacher is called in by a fellow seminarian and now town priest who believes there are hijinks afoot and that a fellow Vietnam Vet and town helicopter pilot, was killed even though it is being called suicide.

This is worth finding, buying and reading. Regardless of price.


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