Love and Fear by Reed Farrel Coleman

I’m not sure who the target group is for this great little mystery book but I think it’s a quick, fun little read for advanced readers and a great introductory read for new readers. Those new readers could be young adults – there is nothing in the book too racy in either language or content that would cause concern for schools or libraries.

The lead character is wonderful. His name is Gulliver Dowd and he is described as a very handsome detective who also happens to be a dwarf. He is a private investigator and has a cast of other characters assisting him in various aspects of his investigations. His size and his vantage point provide him with a point of view that is not available in other detective stories.

This particular story appears to be the third in the series. In that sense, there was some background that was included in this book that I couldn’t put with anything but it wasn’t enough to detract from the story at hand.

In this edition, Gulliver is investigating the disappearance of a mob boss’ daughter. I really couldn’t say more without giving away the story. The book isn’t that long and the story is great. I can easily give this book 4 stars but just want to point out that it is an extremely quick and easy read. Great book for young adults – I would say from junior high all the way to adults. I would also add that the typeface was large which is great for readers with vision issues. I think I will seek our Gulliver Dowd’s earlier cases too!!


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