Lists of Note: An Eclectic Collection Deserving of a Wider Audience by Shaun Usher

I am a list maker. I have post it notes everywhere and notebooks everywhere with lists about all kinds of things. As a kid, I lived for new editions of the Book of Lists. You list makers out there know what I’m talking about.


This looked like a must have. It wasn’t really though. Although entertaining, it was uneven in its interest level. Who doesn’t love a good list made by historical figures or in interesting time periods but there was way too much of that and not enough modern lists.


Not all of the lists captured my interest and for good or bad, I was reading this book on an e reader and some of the handwritten lists could not be adjusted for better viewing or had a typed addendum of the actual list.


I read both hard copy books and e books and the e readers have limitations when it comes to illustrations and maps as well as original writing that is hand produced.  The other down side to what I call fun books (as opposed to prose or poetry) is that the price doesn’t always reflect the quality. I paid only a small amount for this book and am glad I did not pay more.


This is a great book for skimmers – those willing to ignore the lists that don’t interest them. I am too concerned with reading the whole thing so I suffered through it.  Take it for what it is and check out Chrssie Hynde’s advice for young girls who want to rock!


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