OJ Is Innocent and I Can Prove It by William Dear


I was never O.J.’ed out because I was not in the country when all the excitement of the trial of the century took place. It wasn’t even a blip on my radar except as a trivia question until this year when a million different documentaries, discussions and recreations began to make the rounds of cable television.

This book came up on my Bookbub selections and being a curious sort, I thought, sure. So I dug in. And what unfolded makes for fascinating reading. Not just in terms of the thorough investigation William Dear makes and then outlines point by point with a mock juror’s ballot at the end which you can use to make up your own mind.

This book also takes the average person on a trip through the Los Angeles justice system circa 1994 and beyond. There was flawed methodology in evidence collection. There was sloppy police work. There was a lack of interest in the prosecutors office of making a thorough investigation prior to charging. Suspects who should have been considered weren’t. Evidence was not carefully preserved. The judge was blinded by the stars who turned up in court. The jury was looking to even the score on the Rodney King matter. It was a mess.

In addition to all of that, the Los Angeles Police Department and Prosecutors office is hinky with the case. Given a defendant was not convicted, the case should officially be an open or unsolved. They send out letters saying it is closed. Then open. Then closed. And there are other viable suspects. One in particular. I am not saying O.J. wasn’t somehow involved, but I will concede, based on what I read here, that there are questions that could be answered for the Goldman and Brown families.

Who done it? Who can say? People will no doubt hold their own opinion closely. But if you want to look at the case from a new and interesting angle, this is a good one. I would say this: the author covers certain ground over and over. The book could have been a little shorter and edited a little more tightly. But the information and facts are certainly worth giving some time. Especially if this case intrigues you.



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