Tin God by Stacy Green


This was the first book I have read by this author. For those into the mystery genre, it is my understanding that she has other series with other very memorable characters and that this book kicks off a new series with new characters. Well, if this book is anything to go by, I will be keeping a keen eye out for other books by this author.

I had just finished reading a book that I LOVED. Five stars, not able to be put down. So I was on that book let down – readers know: the one where after a really great book, you poke around at your book list and your book pile and feel like nothing you read next is going to live up to the one you just finished.

So there I was, poking, grumbling and mildly cynical. I chose this book because the genre was completely removed from the last book. Two and a half hours later, I was thinking, I have to put this down – well, one more chapter!

Set in Roselea, Mississippi in the modern day, it still works as a steamy, southern gothic mystery. Jaymee Ballard comes from a dysfunctional and ultra religious evangelical family. She has been exiled from her family because of an illegitimate child which has been adopted out.

Because of this, she has taken up residence in a run down trailer park and makes a living cleaning antebellum homes that are on show and working at the local diner. Through her close friendships and connections, she has decided to save her money and try and find the daughter that she reluctantly put up for adoption.

Hate me because….that’s all you’re getting!! What follows is an intense search with all kinds of unexpected twists and turns. In the great southern gothic tradition, nothing is as it seems. The towns high rollers have dark secrets. The citizens who comprise the upper crust and establishment have some of the darkest things going on beneath their veneer. Those who are the town outcasts, are actually some of the best characters.

This book never stopped delivering right up to the end. In fact, just when you think its resolved, BAM! One more punch to make you sit up and take notice. I loved it and that is saying something when you can put good books back to back like that. You will not be disappointed.


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