Echo Park by Michael Connelly

As I mentioned in another review, I found this book on one of my shelves just as I started reading another book by this author with the same character. Now, normally, I wouldn’t jump straight into another book like that but I enjoyed the other read so much that I threw my self imposed rules out the window and read this one.

I was very glad I did. This book was written quite a while after the first one I read. The main character, Harry Bosch, had obviously evolved even more. At some point in his journey, he had quit the LAPD and had then returned to work in the Open-Unsolved Division. One of his former partners had joined him there.

They had revisited a murder case that was now thirteen years old. Harry had promised the parents he would solve it and he kept returning to the case files to review it on a regular basis. He had a suspect in mind and then…..

Well, a new case grabbed the public’s imagination. A serial killer had been caught red handed on his way to disposing of body parts after a kill. His attorney contacted an electioneering District Attorney and his over achieving Detective sidekick and promised the bodies of eleven other victims in exchange for taking the death penalty off the table. One of those was Harry’s open case. Solved? Far from it!

From that point on the case heats up and goes in a variety of directions. Just like the last, what you think you know gets turned on its head. At this stage in his work, the author has really polished his techniques – this book is longer but all that meant was that I stayed up even later to finish it! I will find Harry Bosch again, I am sure of that. But this is a great vacation read!!


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