Angel’s Flight by Michael Connelly

I was given this book and told it was very good. It went to the pile and waited patiently for me to get around to it. I was not disappointed at all. In the course of reading this book, I happened to glance at a shelf (one of several) that holds “to be read” books, in addition to the pile. I was surprised to find another by the same author with the same character. So I read them both!

This review is for Angel’s Flight. Harry Bosch is a detective who works out of the Hollywood Division. He is called in on a case in another division because the victim is a prominent local attorney who handles cases concerning suits against the LAPD. There is currently a case lodged against police in the division in which he is killed so other officers are called in to handle it.

Bosch’s team is also diverse. African American, gay and older detectives comprise the team which the upper brass choose to use as window dressing as the case is high profile in nature.

From that point forward the action is pretty much non-stop. What unfolds is layers and layers of corruption within the department that involve lots of ass covering exercises. The team are at times thwarted in their lines of inquiry by red tape and politics.

There is also a very interesting investigation into the internet and how people are able to subvert pages to cover others. One of the detectives is very adept at forensic computer techniques and that was eye opening and informative in itself. Also, a sub plot involving Harry’s short lived and crumbling marriage, adds layers of stress to the detective that keep him guessing not just about the case but about his own private life.

I had a hard time putting it down. Let’s just say I had a few late, late nights! You have been warned…..


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