Confession by Elmore Leonard



I was mildly cheesed after I got this because I realized a little late that I had paid a couple of bucks for one short story. On the other hand, artists have to sell their work so I guess I can justify it that way. I just want readers to be fully aware that if you purchase this, it is a short story and not a series of shorts or a novel.

With that being said, I loved it. Elmore wrote 3:10 to Yuma and I like his style. His western genre is dark and humorous, just like the crime genre stuff he has put out.

I this short, Father Schwinn, a tough priest in the unforgiving southwestern frontier, is a cigar chomping, whiskey swilling clergy who ministers to the same. Two saddlebags full of cash that were previously stolen, arrive on the doorstep of his mission. From there, it is an unconventional old west showdown that ensues.

The writing is good, the characters are very well drawn and it is a great example of short story writing and telling. A writing class could have a great time using some of the tools and see if they can construct something as good as Leonard. If you are a fan, you can appreciate it and if you aren’t, its an inexpensive introduction of what his western writing is like.


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