Ratcatcher: A John Purkiss Thriller by Tim Stevens

I love it when I stumble on the next great spy novel. This is one of those times. This was just a book I picked up for my Nook and I was riveted. I read the whole book in one sitting in one evening. I could barely tear myself away.

On the surface, the plot seems simple. Purkiss is assigned to go out and catch agents who have turned. In this case for the British Secret Service. He is chasing a man named Fallon and Purkiss has both a professional and a personal interest in getting him.

But what makes the book so great, is that this seemingly simple premise, is the jumping off point for a multi-layered plot with a lot of moving pieces. And instead of the usual chase through Berlin and Paris, all of the action takes place in the city of Tallinn in Estonia. I loved it.

The twists and turns were not predictable. The cast of characters were many so it was important to keep up and that is one reason I did not want to put it down. Right to the very end of the book things kept happening that were both intriguing and unexpected.

This is book one in a series. Oy vey!! I see sleepless nights in my future as I get the others in the series. For readers like me who love a good espionage/special ops/spymaster novel, do yourself a favor. But make sure you have the next day off so you can sleep in….and the other two novels to jump right into to keep the momentum going.


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