Southern Bound by Stuart Jaffe

This was an interesting little book. It isn’t long and it will be a snack for quick readers and those who enjoy a lightweight mystery. I was mildly disappointed because I expected something different. The descriptor was that a noirish detective/ghost from the 1940’s era, inhabits his old office and assists a modern detective in solving mysteries that are occult in nature. Great premise right?

Well, in theory, yes. The occult mystery part of the story was o.k. There was enough mystery to keep you interested. There were some twists, some turns, some good old fashioned threats and a mysterious boss. There were henchmen. There were hermits with information. And then, for me, it jumped the shark.

First of all, the husband and wife love story was kind of dull. To spice it up, the author tried to throw in some sex. Some authors can manage to make it work but here, it felt forced and awkward. Then the real monkey wrench (spoiler alert here) the wife turns out to have the sixth sense and is able to see the ghosts that her husband thought only he could see. But she is psychic and becomes his offsider and assistant. Boo!!! Hated it.

This is the first in a series. I have read other reviews and some people really enjoyed that relationship and what it brought to the story. I haven’t yet found one of these supernatural mystery stories that has grabbed me and made me sit and go ooooh! I have more in my book queue so there is always hope.

I give this one a quick 2 stars. Its an airplane or beach read at best.


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