The Dying Hour by Rick Mofina

I cannot get excited about this book like most other reviews. I enjoyed the story. It was interesting and kept moving and had a good premise. What completely ruined this book for me were the details.

I am a native, third generation Washingtonian. A native of Seattle. If you are not from a place and you are going to write about it, either choose to make the whole setting fictional or choose to do your due diligence as an author and get the details correct.

This author made unrealistic estimates of the time required for characters to traverse distances. There was a mix of real cities, Bellingham for instance, set in a county that does not exist in Washington, but that does exist in Canada. The author is a Canadian and native of Toronto which is East Coast so I cannot even excuse this as a British Columbian and fellow Pacific Northwesterner. It was just sloppy.

The sloppy factor ruined it for me. Those details stuck out and were so obvious, that it ruined what was otherwise going to be a great story. I wouldn’t have even cared if he chose to create a fictional Washington State and made that consistent. If you are going to write about a place, then make it either accurate, so that readers who know it well can easily relate and those that don’t paint a picture in their minds eye that really showcases place.

The story was wonderful and if you aren’t from here, don’t believe the travelogue and if you are from here, it will drive you to distraction. If you can suspend belief, the story itself is not bad. I can’t go above two stars because of the distractions.


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