Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell

Loved it. Absolutely dark and absolutely hilarious. Also a damning indictment of the United States health care system and Witness Protection. As far as the health care part goes, I think one would do better to go online, make the best diagnosis of one’s own condition based on your own intelligence and common sense and then avoid any and all hospitals at all costs!!

Witness Protection? Johnny Manziel did a better job with fake mustache and sunglasses than the government will likely manage.

Peter Brown aka Pietro Brwna aka Bearclaw aka someone, is a doctor at a rundown, crappy hospital in Manhattan. He spends his days rushing from patient to patient providing the obligatory five minutes allotted, supervising a bunch of last in their class interns and trying to keep people alive. He is also a retired hit man in the Witness Protection program.

The story moves back and forth between the unfolding series of events that finds him becoming a hit man, the reasons why and the reasons why he continues to do so and then reverts to his current situation in the hospital.

The story has the mob, a shark tank, Romanian’s, Russian’s, Coney Island, New Jersey, Little Odessa, human trafficking, killing, escaping, drugs, a best friend named Skinflick, incompetent doctors, more incompetent surgeons, even more incompetent hit men, patients who have been grossly misdiagnosed, tears, laughter, love affairs. This is one great romp.

I would also add that often, I will read a book and think, hmmmmm, maybe good for the girls but not the guys. This is one guys will love. So there you go – buy a guy in oyur life this book and listen to hi laugh his way through it. Women will love it too but it rare I know for sure that men will find a book so hilarious. This is one of those rare books that is literally for everyone. 4 stars, great fun.


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