The Silence of the Chihuahua’s by Waverly Curtis

Pepe Sullivan is back but this time he is not talking! The fifth book in the series opens with the normally chatty and effusive Pepe the Chihuahua taking a vow of silence so that his partner/owner Geri Sullivan will hone her detecting skills.

In this book, unlike the others, there were multiple story lines being pursued. This in no way detracted from the book. If anything, it enhanced the story and made it even more fun for the reader as you try to follow all of the mysteries that Pepe and Geri are trying to solve.

The usual cast of characters returns – Rebecca the Hollywood mogul; Felix the dog trainer and Geri’s boyfriend; Geri’s sister’s Cheryl and Teri and Geri’s best friend Brad. They all have roles to play in the strands of the various mysteries – some overlapping and some stand alone.

Jimmie G is also back but it was somewhat disappointing as he had a more minor role in this book. It’s not the same without more Jimmie G and I for one would like to see him back bigger and better than ever. In lieu of Pepe’s silence during the first part of the book, Pepe alerts readers to his thoughts and observations via his blog site which he updates on the Ipad he ordered. He also does not use his telenovella’s to demonstrate his theories as much as the other books and I missed that device as well. However, this book is as strong as the rest and just as much fun!

For readers of the real book (as opposed to an e-reader version) there is a bonus Pepe/Geri Sullivan Christmas story at the end. Like all of the books, Seattle and its surrounds play a prominent role and for those that know these two authors, there are Easter Eggs (Cafe Argento anyone?) In addition, the Christmas story is set in Leavenworth, WA. For those that don’t know where or what that is, it is a Bavarian Village in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle. A must visit on any visitors list to Washington State.

Keep on talking Pepe! Your voice is a cute little bark during Seattle’s dark winter days.


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