A Season in Hell by Jack Higgins

A typical military/spy/English thrill a minute, action packed book. Plenty of twists and turns with the story moving right along. This certainly is not a book for deep reading or thinking and that is as it should be. Every book does not have to rise to the heady heights of “literature.”

This is just a ripping yarn where a wealthy woman with pockets deep enough to fly all over the European continent, teams up with ex-military and current intelligence operatives to pursue the truth behind her step-sons death.

When the law can’t get it done, she works with the English Underworld, the French Underworld and the Sicilian mafia. Of course a trail of death and destruction lie in her wake but the truth will out.

I personally needed this book as a simple break from reading literary fiction. Sometimes I just want to dive into a simple action or adventure book that doesn’t last too long, that I can pick up and put down and that fills my need to read. This is one of those books. No more and no less. I had read other Higgins books and there are a few I really loved so it was an author that I knew and was familiar with.

Just like a chocolate chip cookie, you know what you get – comfort food with words. Cover to cover comfort food.


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