Inferno by Dan Brown

Another rollicking Dan Brown tale in which intrepid professor Robert Langdon involves himself in all manner of Indiana Jones-esque adventures.

This time the setting is Florence, Venice and Istanbul. The story jumps right off – not a lot of the usual lead ins that Brown normally employs to get Langdon where he needs to be.

Since the imagery and symbolism is based on art inspired by Dante Aligheri’s poem The Divine Comedy, it can be handy to download it to your Nook or Kindle. There is also a lot of artwork inspired by the same so can be useful to to look up some of the images.

It pays with Dan Brown not to try and over analyze and just to enjoy the ride. Along the way you’ll have some fun adventure/summer reading experiences and be exposed to the Divine Comedy. This isn’t high art but its a great book to pass the time away.


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