Dial C for Chihuahua by Waverly Curtis

Early confession – one of the authors is a personal friend. That being said, I got a copy of the book for a fun easy read and it was just what I needed. This isn’t one of those deep, detailed mystery stories. It is a light and breezy read, with fun characters including a talking dog.

I picked this up to read as a break from heavier novels that I am working on and it is a good respite for that. This is a book to curl up with, a cup of tea next to you on a rainy day (and hey, I live in Seattle and we know books and rain here) a fire going, your cat or dog or both by your side and drop out of reality for a fun few hours.

It doesn’t seem to adhere to conventional mystery novels – in fact it’s more about the dog Pepe, his person Geri and a host of other characters and their predicaments. There are a few pages of the next Pepe novel and the characters from the first are reprised in the second.

A rainy day or vacation novel.


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