2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America by Albert Brooks

I really enjoyed this book. You can hear Albert Brooks wry sense of humor throughout. But the issues he brings up are worth exploring. These include: social security, aging populations, the medical industry, generational conflict, selling off the country and euthanasia.

While it doesn’t seem like there could be humor in these issues, Brooks pulls it off. He has multiple story lines going and none of them lose any momentum as the book progresses. At some point, you can “hear” that the author has shifted gears and the wry humor drops off noticeably as he picks up steam discussing the issues the book raises in the various plot lines.

The characters aren’t fully round but that doesn’t seem to matter because the reader’s interest in the story overcomes the weaknesses in character development. For anyone interested in the issues of an aging population, this book does a great job of pricking your imagination and making you think.


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