Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Another book that I wanted to love but there were so many parts that I found obnoxious and unbelievable that I couldn’t rate this any higher than three stars. The other issue that I have with this book is that it is written by a woman who chooses to portray a woman at her most negative. There are enough books written from the perspective of woman as bitch. Women do not need to be tearing each other down in print as well as in life. The other thing that ticked me off was that she took a perfectly good male character and made a good guy into an insipid co-dependent. There are good guys who are just good guys. This book takes all the worst stereotypes of a particular generation and magnifies them to be their worst.

That being said, there are some good ideas in this book.  There are some great twists to the traditional thriller. The whole first part of the book sets a scene that gets turned on its head in the last third of the book. The first part of the book also sets a scene where you are never quite sure about Nick, the male lead.  The reader  tends to seesaw back and forth as to what she/he thinks about him and what she/he thinks they know about him.

I hated Amy, the female lead,  from the beginning of the book to the end of the book. If there is a female character I can care less about in literature, I haven’t found her yet. This one takes the cake. No matter what kind of picture is painted of her, she is unlikeable, unsympathetic and everything I have ever hated in those kinds of girls of a particular age and social construct. If Amy was beheaded by ISIS in the first page, I wouldn’t have cared. The fact that she proverbially wanted to have the last word in this book was indicative of everything I hated about her from the first page to the last.

Finally, the police story was good until it went limp, likewise Nick’s sister Margo was great and then went limp at the same stage as the police part of the story. There should have been more about Rand and Marybeth, Amy’s parents. This may have made readers more sympathetic towards Amy if we believed her parents were somehow responsible and at the crux of her personality problems. Having worked at the courts, I have seen lot’s of Amy’s play their twisted little games. She’s not that unique – just maddeningly idiotic. The kind of character you are glad to get out of your life. The good thing about reading the book is that it saved me $15 by not bothering with a movie that at best, I will catch free on cable or Netflix


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